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Tired of playing the same old games at your favorite online casino? Looking for a new way to play live casino games with the feeling of being in a real casino? Then voslot has your answer!

Voslot are powered by leading providers of live casino software

Voslot live casino games are powered by leading providers of state-of-the-art live casino software including Evolution Gaming, WM casino, Dream Gaming, and AE SEXY Gaming. They are the most renown and trusted companies in the industry which ensures a wide selection of games and a vast array of betting options to fit your taste. With our unique content, we aim to provide an impeccable game quality and an outstanding user experience.

With our continually updated state of the art software you will have a high quality, smooth and safe gaming experience. Come experience for yourself!

A wide ranging online live casino game collection

Voslot provides you with a wide ranging online casino game collection and ensures that you will experience the same gaming excitement as in a Casino! Voslot has a huge selection of live card tables that offer different dealers, and if you don’t like your current dealer there are others waiting to choose from.

You can find these live casino game at voslot:

Live table games is the online version of the classic blackjack game. It is played on a virtual table by live dealers and consists of 52 cards. The game goes on for about 5 rounds when players place their bet and the dealer receives 2 cards face down. It provides a top notch experience to players who prefer live virtual gambling over classic card game.

Live Roulette is an exciting take on the classic casino game. By adding the real life action of a live dealer, you can really feel the rush that comes with taking your bets to the table. Live Roulette is an excellent way to pass time, and there’s something exciting about seeing your chips on the table in front of you as they come to life. 

Live Baccarat is the true adventure for serious players of all levels. The rules are exactly like traditional Baccarat, but with even more exciting features. You can wager on the Banker’s hand, or possibly the Player’s hand if you think it’s going to win! Live Baccarat is played using eight decks of 52 cards, and includes a mini-game where you can double your bet after seeing the initial deal. Put your skills to the test today!

There is a card game you might be interested in called “poker.” It’s been around for quite a few years and is still going strong. Play live no limit Texas hold’em, Omaha, stud and draw online for free or against other game changer poker players for cash prizes!

Craps is a simple but fun game that builds excitement as the shooter throws dice to win chips. Online craps at casinos attracts the biggest crowds, just like in land-based casinos. It’s easy to learn how to play craps, and players can enjoy the thrill of winning with their choices of bets.

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From our selection of casino game provider to the latest software, you’ll always be up to date and ready to play. Voslot’s live dealer games bring you right into the action, creating a unique and personal experience impossible with any other casino game.

When you join voslot, you’ll get the best access to all of the live casino’s card games and you can even pick your favorite dealer. You’ll get plenty of chances to win big and there are plenty of bonuses up for grabs at each table. From your first hand to your last, everything about your play time will be exciting.